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We've come a long way from being a small coffee shop on Baylor's campus to have a full-scale coffee catering department designed to deliver our delicious beverages and locally made treats to any event in Waco.

We know you have some questions, so let's start with the basics:

What's Included?

  • If you have hot drinks, you'll receive cups, sugars/stirrers/creamer (if applicable), and labeled beverage containers.
  • For ICED drinks, you'll receive an ice chest w/ ice, cups, and labeled beverage containers.
  • **Lids are available upon request. We cannot provide sleeves at this time.

What Containers Are Used To Hold The Beverages?

All beverages are put into Insulated Beverage Containers referred to as "cambros" (usually black) ranging from 2.5 gal. to 5 gal. each.

  • CG Traveler Box = 20 cups (only available for drip coffee and for immediate pick-up. Orders of 20+ cups will be placed in cambros listed below).
  • 2.5 gal. Cambro = holds about 40 cups
  • 5 gal. Cambro = holds about 80 cups
  • 10 gal. Cambro = holds about 160 cups

*depending on the beverage, containers are not filled to the top to avoid spilling over.

How Do I Place An Order?

How Immediate Can My Order Be?

  • CG Travelers can be called in up to 30 minutes before the desired pickup. Call one in!
  • Other catering orders (<20 cups) need prep time but can be executed on short notice in most cases. Gratuity charges may be added to ensure your order is fulfilled. 

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Place The Order?

  • Orders should be submitted at least 3 days in advance via the order form. This ensures that we'll have enough product in stock to complete your order.
  • Orders placed within 3 days of desired delivery/pick-up time must request an order via email and may receive a 15% service charge.

How Big Or Small Can My Catering Order Be?

20-cup Traveler

  • The smallest catering order is 20 cups of 8th Street (House), Dark Roast, or our Specialty Blend for the day and is referred to as the Traveler. Only available for drip coffee and immediate pick-up. Limit 1 per customer. Orders of more than 20 cups will have to be placed through our online order form.

20+ cups of any beverage

  • Any beverage on our catering menu can be done in quantities of 20 or more. 
  • We have done several orders for 2,000+ guests. Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

Do You Cater Food?

  • We cater Milo and Heritage Creamery. Visit our menu page for food details. 24-hour notice is required. Food orders are not guaranteed if not requested in a timely fashion.

How Do I Pay For My Catering Order?

  • You will receive an invoice via email with a portal for online payment with a debit card.  We also offer the option to swipe a card either in-shop or on-site for delivered orders. If you'd like to pay by check, you can mail one or bring it by CG any time after we've finalized your total up to the order date.

When Is My Payment Due?

  • Orders are due on the date of your event.

What If I Need To Cancel My Order?

  • Orders may be canceled up until the point of preparation. Once an order is started, you may be charged for the product made.

How Early Or Late Can An Order Be Delivered Or Picked Up?

  • Orders can be picked-up/delivered between 7:00am-10:00pm.

*Orders picked up/delivered before normal opening hours will have a 15% gratuity added to the total. Equipment must be picked up before 10:00pm or after 7:00am the following day. You are responsible for equipment in between those hours. You can drop off the equipment and receive half the delivery charge back!

Email us for additional questions: